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Supervisor At Convenience Shop 2022

Job Description:-

As a Shop Supervisor the employee assists the Territory Manager in a variety of tasks to ensure smooth running of the shop. A Shop Supervisor should lead by example at all times in order to maintain high standard of operation at all times.

COMPANY NAME The Convenience Shop
SALARY Depending On Your Interview


The Shop Supervisor duties include the following;

Customer Care:
  • Greeting customers as soon as they enter the shop.
  • Providing excellent customer care to our customers
  • Assisting customers in any queries they might have
  • Making sure that all cashiers and stackers are greeting customers, providing excellent customer care and assisting customers in any queries they have.
  • Handle and follow up professionally any customer complaints that may occur
Category Management:
  • Taking part in the process of category management implementation
  • Making sure that orders of stock to be delisted are stopped as soon the team is informed that an item is to be delisted.
  • Ordering of new items that are to be added to stock lists according to the Category Management list in preparation for the category management process.
  • Making sure that shop is stocked according to planograms and making sure to inform respective parties whenever a change needs to be done.
Product Display and Stores:
  • All shelves must be stocked according to category management.
  • Following of FIFO system.
  • Checking deliveries against invoices whilst making sure that all items received are according to the actual order placed.
  • Matching the total amount on the PDA against the total amount on the invoice
  • Continuous updating of prices in order to make sure that each product is labelled with the correct price. Daily action on the price changing report received.
  • Monitor stocks and take active part in the stock taking process.
  • Assist the Territory Manager in carrying out weekly counts of the dailies (bread & milk) as well as stock counts by category on a weekly basis so that a full count will be performed quarterly.
  • Maintaining of stores in a clean and tidy manner
  • Make sure to maintain the correct stock levels in order to have products available at all times whilst maintaining very low stock returns.
  • Scanning of returns by PDA and following up that return are collected within the fortnight
  • Compiling of periodic reports such as wastages, electricity reading and return sheets where applicable
  • Filing of weekly invoices, end of Sales, statements, credit notes etc in the designated archiving box
  • Preparing reports that might be requested from time to time
  • Coaching and training employees to be proficient in all areas
  • Making sure that the team is working in an efficient and effective manner
  • Motivate, help & encourage the outlet team to better their performance
  • Motivate team to increase number of receipts and average spent
  • Update the Territory Manager with any requests or queries that the team might have
Procedures and Policies:
  • Following and making sure that all Health and Safety regulations are adhered to at all times in all areas
  • Updating of all documentation including temperature sheets, cleaning schedules and hand washing log sheet
  • Following and guiding the team on company standards and procedures
  • Adhering to whilst making sure everyone is following the grooming policy etc.
  • Cash Reconciliation
  • Daily tallying of cashiers’ totals collected against sales
  • Prepare bank deposit twice a week
  • Being proficient in the Cashier and Stacker duties in order to be able to coach and replace whenever required
  • Assist the Territory Manager in compiling the weekly roster
  • The cash desks and walkways are to be kept clear at all times
  • Other duties that might be requested from time to time



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