Cancelling culture is appropriation, according to Lizzo: It has grown popular, misapplied, and misdirected.

Lizzo is discussing the cancel culture, in which making offensive remarks or acting in an offensive manner might result in repercussions.

The Grammy winner said in a tweet on Sunday that the habit of cancelling other engagements has "become popular, abused, and misguided," obscuring more important problems and "genuine indignation" in the process.

Lizzo posted on her Twitter account, "This may be a strange moment to say this, but cancel culture is appropriation.

There was genuine fury from individuals who were marginalised, but it has since become fashionable, misapplied, and misguided.

"I hope we can phase out of this and focus our fury on the genuine concerns," the "About Damn Time" singer concluded.

Despite the fact that she didn't go into any detail, Lizzo's post sparked a swarm of responses from admiring admirers.

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