Celine Dion discloses that she suffers from a rare neurological syndrome.

Following the discovery of a rare neurological disease that prevents her from "singing the way I'm used to".

Celine Dion revealed that she will postpone a number of her tour dates in Europe.

The famous singer has stiff-person syndrome, which affects "around one in a million individuals," according to Dion,

"A rare, progressive condition that affects the neurological system, primarily the brain and spinal cord," is stiff-person syndrome.

Extreme muscular stiffness, rigidity, and painful spasms in the trunk and limbs are possible symptoms that can seriously restrict movement.

Particular therapies "may help relieve the symptoms... but won't cure the condition

Dion ended her message with an emotional, "This means a lot to me." "Look after yourselves. Good luck. I love you all so much and I sincerely want to see you soon.