Keke Palmer makes a pregnancy announcement during her "SNL" monologue.

Keke Palmer made a joke and a surprise during her first-ever opening monologue for "Saturday Night Live" on December 3.

The multi-hyphenate entered the stage wearing a brown trench coat to confirm the pregnancy rumours.

Palmer then proudly displayed her baby bump while revealing her pregnant bump by unbuttoning her trench coat.

Then Palmer made light of the experience of trying to keep her pregnancy a secret for the last few months.

"I have to say. Even worse than when the rumours are untrue, she added, is when they are disseminated about you. "I mean, I was trying really hard to keep things under wraps because I had a lot going on.

People kept approaching me and saying, "Congratulations?" I'm saying, "Shh! Can you please stop? I'm on the verge of landing a liquor sponsorship. When the cheque clears, we can finally attend the dreadful baby shower!

"This has been the biggest blessing," Palmer said.