Lula promises to punish Bolsonaro supporters after a riot in the Brazilian Congress.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the president of Brazil, has pledged to punish Jair Bolsonaro's supporters for storming Congress.

In addition, followers of the deposed far-right leader besieged the White House and invaded the Supreme Court.

However, after hours of fighting, police took back control of the structures in the nation's capital, Brasilia, on Sunday night.

Lula visited the Supreme Court building after arriving in the city to observe the damage firsthand.

According to Flavio Dino, minister of justice, 200 persons have already been detained.

The Governor of Brasilia, Ibaneis Rocha, has been removed from his post for 90 days by the Supreme Court. Justice Alexandre de Moraes accused him of failing to prevent the riot and of being "painfully silent" in the face of the attack.