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Guidelines, Fees, and Requirements for Malta Visa Applications.

Today we are going to talk about how to apply for a Mala Work Permit. I’ll explain everything briefly in four steps .

So, as you all already know that Malta’s employment rate is amazingly high and this is something that is attracting people from abroad to work or search for work there.

But most of the potential employees aren’t well aware of the entire procedure so, I’ll explain the entire procedure here in 4 simple steps.

So, firstly we need to be familiar with some things, like IDENTITY MALTA. IDENTITY MALTA is the agency that issues work permit for Malta. All the work permit applications that you put up, they are applied to IDENTITY MALTA only.

I’ll mention the links to IDENTITY MALTA below.

Important Links Identity MaltaCLICK HERE

CEA form C5.1 – CLICK HERE


Now guys, next is SINGLE PERMIT APPLICATION, that is the application that needs to be put up by third country nationals and allows them to work and stay in Malta.

This Single Permit Application is also put up in Identity Malta Agency. Guys next is Job Offer Letter, Job Offer Letter is the very basis of your work application. Once you have a Job Offer, you are all set to move towards the work permit.

And this is where many agents commit fraud. They provide you with a fake offer letter and charge money in return so please be aware of such frauds.
Now let’s come to the application steps. So step 1 is to fill the application form. You will be required to fill CEA FORM C5.1 that is for work permit applications.

Alongside, you’ll have to attach all the required documents.

Now you’ll put up your application to IDENTITY MALTA, but you are outside Malta. So, how will you forward the application? So, your employers put up this application to IDENTITY MALTA on your behalf. This is the complete scene with the application.

Now to forward the application, your employers will pay an application fee of €280.50. Yes guys this is the application fee that is required to apply for a work permit. It’s around 25k Indian Rupees.

This is the CEA C5.1 FORM that you’ll be filling for the work permit application. Attached with this only you’ll get a list of required documents.

Now, let’s come to the second step that is the processing of your application. So once you are done filling the application, your employer is done putting it up with the agency and the fees is paid. IDENTITY MALTA will start analyzing your application and once that is approved you’ll receive an official letter of invitation also called IDENTITY MALTA LETTER.

Now comes the most important step guys, that is, the visa application. You will be moving ahead with a visa application in your home country with this IDENTITY MALTA LETTER as the base.

Now so if you don’t know the difference between work permit and work visa then, work permit basically says that you have got a permission to work in the concerned country. Work permit is the most important document required to apply for a work visa, it’s like an employment contract.

And work visa actually allows you to enter the country whose work permit you posses. The most important step in this whole thing is definitely work permit. Once you have a work permit, you are assured that you can now ask for a visa to enter that country and work there.

Your work visa application will be applied to VFS GLOBAL and you likely get your visa in 15 working days and you are all set to go.

Now comes the fourth step that is your arrival in Malta. As soon as you arrive in Malta you are required to report at IDENTITY MALTA to go through a biometric verification to finalize your application. Once that is done the agency provides you with a temporary residence permit with which you can start working there.

This is how you can do the whole process. The most important thing is the job offer. Once you have it your employer will do the whole process for you, they have specialized legal staff to put up permit applications for third country nationals.

So, if you still have some queries for Malta work visa, put them up in the comment section OR click on the below link for more details for Document’s.

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